3 Design Object

Three Design Objects

In a world filled with products and innovations,
we will explore three thoughtfully designed objects that seamlessly blend form and function.

  1. Drawers with castors

    01. Drawers with castors

    Drawers with castors are the perfect blend of design and product usability. I think IKEA has nailed it with this super simple approach towards consumer products.

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  2. Smart TV Remote

    02. Smart TV Remote

    Amazon fire Tv remote is thoughtfully designed for simplified user experience. Traditional remotes has ton of buttons and more than half of them are never clicked.

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  3. Pizza Scissor

    03. Pizza Scissor

    Pizza Scissors is the most unique product that I came across. Keeping the strategic approach of utilising the scissor while using it for cutting pizza was stunning for me at first glance.

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